WISPAP Objectives

Wireless and Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (WISPAP) has following main objectives:

1. Promote and Develop ISP Interests:

  • Advocate for ISPs: Promote the interests of ISPs in Pakistan, regardless of their size and market share, by actively engaging with relevant stakeholders, including government bodies, regulatory agencies, and industry associations.

  • Policy Influence: Influence telecom and IT policies, Policy makers in a manner that supports the growth, sustainability, and competitiveness of ISPs in Pakistan.

  • Market Development: Support the development of the ISP industry in Pakistan by facilitating collaboration, sharing best practices, and fostering innovation among members.

2. Collaboration and Association:

  • Networking and Collaboration: Facilitate networking opportunities among ISPs, encouraging collaboration, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing to foster a vibrant and interconnected Internet industry in Pakistan.

  • National and International Associations: Collaborate and associate with related national and international organizations to stay updated on emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices, ensuring members have access to the latest information and opportunities.

3. Healthy Internet Industry:

  • Quality and Access: Promote and support the delivery of high-quality Internet access and services to users across Pakistan, emphasizing reliability, affordability, and innovation.

  • Competitive Marketplace: Advocate for an open and level playing field that encourages fair competition, allowing ISPs of all sizes to thrive and provide innovative services to customers.

  • Consumer Protection: Support initiatives that enhance consumer protection and foster trust in the Internet industry, including cybersecurity, privacy, and transparency measures.

4. United Voice and Representation:

  • Government Engagement: Serve as a united voice for ISPs in Pakistan, representing their interests and concerns in engagements with governmental and non-governmental bodies, media, legislative bodies, and regulatory authorities.

  • Policy Advocacy: Advocate for favorable policies, regulations, and frameworks that promote the growth, stability, and development of the ISP industry and address challenges faced by ISPs.

  • Industry Image: Promote a positive image of the ISP industry by highlighting its contributions to the economy, society, and digital transformation in Pakistan.

These detailed objectives reflect the association's commitment to supporting the interests of ISPs in Pakistan, fostering collaboration, advocating for favorable policies, and promoting a healthy and competitive Internet industry.