Board Members

Raja Shahzad A Khan - Jhelum Networks

CEO of Jhelum Networks Pvt Ltd, is a hard-working individual who has a strong background in cyber security. Since 2000, they have been dedicated to working in the cyber security industry and Internet Service Provision. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he has successfully led the company to great heights. His expertise in the field has been instrumental in ensuring the company's success and reputation.

Furqan Naveed Ahmed - Infosol technologies

CEO of Infosol Technologies is a hardworking and passionate individual with a background in IT. They have worked in prestigious institutions such as Comsats and Al-Jazeera TV Qatar. With their extensive experience and knowledge in the field, they bring invaluable expertise to their role at Infosol Technologies. Their dedication and passion for their work drive them to continuously strive for excellence and innovation. They understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and are committed to providing top-notch IT solutions to their clients. Their time at Comsats and Al-Jazeera TV Qatar has honed their skills and given them a profound understanding of the industry. Through their leadership, Infosol Technologies has achieved great success and continues to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Shoaib Ahmed Khan - Netbiz Broadband

CEO of NetBiz Broadband comes from a cable operator background and is a highly skilled professional. Known for their hardworking nature, they have extensive experience as a large network operator. With their expertise and dedication to their craft, they have established themselves as a skilled professional in the field. Their knowledge and experience in the industry have contributed to the success of NetBiz Broadband. Their strong work ethic and ability to manage a large network have made them a valuable asset to the company.

Shahzad Ahmad Bakhsh - Smart Multimedia

Shahzad Ahmed Buksh is a cable operator and internet service provider who owns a company called Smart Multimedia Pvt Ltd. This company, Smart Multimedia, has a mission to empower the people of Pakistan by providing them with technology solutions for both their personal and professional lives. They are dedicated to offering dependable and advanced network connectivity and consultation services at an affordable price. Their goal is to assist the people of Pakistan in navigating the digital revolution of the twenty-first century and contribute to the development of a digitally-connected and prosperous country.

Mamoon Ur Rasheed - Tornado Networks

Meet Mamoon-UR-Rasheed, the CEO and founder of Tornado Networks Pvt. Ltd, an internet service provider company that is working in Bahawalnagar. He is a hardworking person, a good entrepreneur and a liked person in his town. He started providing internet services ten years ago, with a vision to connect people and businesses with high-speed and reliable wireless networks. Now, he has good reviews and a lot of user base, thanks to his dedication and expertise in wireless technologies.

Mamoon-Ur-Rashid Tornado networks
Mamoon-Ur-Rashid Tornado networks
Rana Mansoor Ali - USMAN ISP (pvt) Ltd

CEO of USMAN ISP Bhalwal is a hardworking individual who has built a successful company. With a strong focus on serving rural areas of Bhalwal, he is dedicated to providing internet services to these underserved communities. His technical expertise and motivation have been key factors in the company's success. As a highly dedicated and motivated individual, the CEO has worked tirelessly to ensure that his company covers most of the rural areas in Bhalwal. His commitment to bridging the digital divide in these areas has made him a respected and successful figure in the community.

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The formation of a new core committee is a pivotal step in WISPAP's evolution. This committee will play a crucial role in shaping the organization's direction, setting agendas, and representing the diverse interests of its members. The meticulous process of selecting and appointing committee members is underway, ensuring that a well-rounded and inclusive group emerges to steer WISPAP into a future defined by innovation and industry leadership.

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Becoming a part of WISPAP is a straightforward process. Interested ISPs can visit the official website to explore membership options, benefits, and the application process. The organization encourages new members to bring their unique perspectives, expertise, and enthusiasm to contribute to the collective success of the association and the industry at large.